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Training Wheels
Very Original Person

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So last night I was playing Clue with Cheryl and Bill and you can guess who did it.

But you all knew that...

And what did he do it with?

But you all knew that too. Did you know where he did it?

IT DOESNT MATTER. HE IS A PERVERT!! That is the point. I mean really who does it with a candle stick?

Do you know those dreams that are so real? Where so many things happen? I had this dream that lasted days. You know in dream time. But some of the details are just wierd. Like how I wanted to buy some nachos but the chips were overfilled in the boat leaving no room for cheese. And I was going to tell the ladies selling the nachos to take some chips out. I was hesitant because I didnt want to be a bother. But then something else happened and I ended up not getting the nachos anyways.

But I really do want some nachos. Right this minute. Ok rant time.

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It seems that a lot of people are going through life changing events. I myself am moving with some guys from work and starting school. And I am looking forward to that.

Mostly I am looking forward to expanding my social life. I have become a bit of a hermit over the past couple of years. But things are in the works to undo a lot of the mistakes I have made. But we all make mistakes. One mistake I would love to undo is moving to this desert. But that is not going to happen at all any time soon with the job market being the incredible bastard that it is.

So I will hold on to my job with an iron fist. Anyways that is a short update. I dont have a lot of time to post too much so here is a video to keep you entertained. Although they are missing their tamborine player.

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Gives me shivers.
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Its been a long, long time since I used this bastard. I had to use my openid to post on a website and it forwarded me here and told me I hadn't updated in over 50 weeks. Cool.

So a lot of shit happened a couple of weeks ago. And while I don't really want to talk about it I have one thing to say. Each time you decieve someone, example lieing or telling half truths that alter what is percieved by the person you are talking to, your relationship takes a hit. In certain situations it is more forgivable than in others. But you can get it back to where it was but that energy which could have been spent improving said relationship now has to be spent maintaining it.

I use relationship in the broadest sense of the word.

But here is where perhaps it gets ironic. You decieve someone and you feel disconnected. Sure after a few times they will feel more disconnected too but you take the initial hit. You decieve someone and you don't trust THEM. I have been decieved so many times by a lot of the relationships in my life. Some of those people are still around, most aren't.

Yeah and it sucks when you tell the truth to someone and they back away as a result of it. I have done my share of deception too. Perhaps more than other people. Maybe that is why I have always watched for it in other people.

I could always trust in myself to not push people away because of the truths they told, but I rarely, if ever, trust another person to do the same. But lately I have been telling the truth to people when they ask and it is refreshing. So, so refreshing. Yeah maybe a few things are still too personal for me to talk about but overall I am happier because of it.

Anyways there is my first real post in years I think. I don't know if anyone besides usagi_moon and deadmans_secret still updates their journals, but i have enjoyed reading those latest posts.

Anyways I'm off to watch tv probably.

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If you look at a map North is always up. Somewhere back in history someone made the decision to put north on the top and south on the bottom. I believe that the decision was made somewhere in Europe making it a better choice at the time if you had to pick which it would be. I've heard rumors that globes in Australia have the south pole on the top of the globe. I wonder if that is true.

But I do remember in school hearing an argument about that. I think that today I have solved that argument once and for all. I was using Google earth to check up on people to see if they are where they are. I'm joking of course. But I notices that you could zoom out to almost the Earth view and you can see all of the plates in the ocean. At that distance it really doesn't look like much of a change from the shallow parts to the deep parts.

If you look at the two poles you see that on the south there is a land mass covered by ice. The wierd thing is, if you look at the North pole... there is an asshole. I'm not talking about Santa I am talking about the plates in the ocean where they come together. Debate won.
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What I stole from http://www.electrodollie.com today.

stream: Electro-Dollie Radio
server name: SHOUTcast/win32 v1.9.8
bitrate: 128
meta interval: 8192

[ripping... ] DJ Johnny Quest & DJ Jedi - Klub Empire Mix #10 [ 28.66M]
[ripping... ] DJ Johnny Quest & DJ Jedi - Klub Empire Mix #12 [ 31.51M]
[ripping... ] DJ Johnny Quest & DJ Jedi - Klub Empire Mix #13 [ 24.53M]
[ripping... ] Das Prÿparat - Euthanasie [ 4.04M]
[ripping... ] Severe Illusion - Congo By Force [ 4.72M]
[ripping... ] Controlled Collapse - Intro-Collapse [ 4.62M]
[ripping... ] Iris - Lose In Wanting [Lovett's Sonar Eclipse Edi [ 6.02M]
Read more...Collapse )
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ha i was at taco bell
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My toilet water is the same color as my mouthwash.
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